Business Analyst

Job description

Job Summary

Pupil are looking for a full-time Business Analyst to join our team. The role requires a range of analytical and research skills to drive the growth of the business. This is a multi-faceted cross-functional role requiring someone comfortable with ambiguous problem solving, resilience and the skills and experience to rapidly conduct analyses.

Key Responsibilities

As a rapidly evolving startup, Pupil looks for individuals able to grow and develop in their roles. The Business Analyst will need to immerse themselves across multiple business lines to conduct analyses to support the growth of the business. As such the role will have multiple responsibilities including:

  • Conduct ad-hoc analyses that support the sales, finance and operations functions.
  • Create and deliver standard business reporting across the business.
  • Create analytical models to understand market opportunities, refine pricing, and new product and service opportunities.
  • Conduct research, acquire data and analyse data to support analyses.
  • Provide regular (weekly) reporting to the C-Suite and Senior Leadership.

Job requirements

The ideal candidate should be comfortable in a fast-paced technology environment and be familiar with a wide range of analytical models, frameworks and tools to be able to rapidly deploy those skills. These requirements include:

  • Experience:
    • Have demonstrable experience in building analytical models to support business decisions.
    • Experience with balancing global, multi-stakeholder projects and teams.
    • Ability to operate independently and autonomously.
  • Technical:
    • Advanced Excel/Google Sheets modelling skills
    • Experience writing SQL queries to extract and manipulate data
    • Experience with one or more data analysis languages such as Python or R.
    • Experience with creating reports and dashboards.
  • Presentation:
    • Demonstrable experience in presenting to, communicating with senior leaders.
    • Ability to structure analyses and effectively communicate outcomes.
    • Experience building slides in presentation materials in Keynote/Google Slides/Powerpoint.
  • Communication:
    • Outstanding written and oral communication skills with attention to details.
    • Be an articulate communicator who can build relationships quickly.
    • Experience with managing communication across global teams.
    • An ability to influence team members and stakeholders at all levels.
  • Professionalism:
    • Exceptional planning, organisational and time-management skills.
    • Demonstrable experience in fast-paced environments.
  • Mindset:
    • Growth orientation,
    • Agility & rapid iteration.
    • Exploration and experimentation.