Senior Software Engineer

Job description

Pupil is looking for a Software Engineer to join us on our mission to build the most accurate and robust 3D reconstruction and scene understanding system for the built environment.

The successful candidate should have strong communication skills, the ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholders and respond super quick to ongoing production issues.

The ideal candidate is the one who knows Python development, understands AWS cloud infrastructure, knows how to write and trigger scripts/automated jobs and can analyse recurring problems, implement new features in code to fix them and escalate larger issues to different teams.

  • Support the Data Processing Pipeline related production issues
  • Develop/Optimise the existing Data Processing Pipeline/AWS Step Functions
  • Support our Digital Surveyors in case they are facing application/data upload issues and help them re-upload the data manually and trigger the data processing scripts on demand
  • Assist the Operations team in increasing their efficiency through technology and scripts wherever possible

Job requirements

You’re autonomous, delivery-focussed and passionate about technology.

You have ideas about everything we do and you’re not afraid to stand up for yourself, whilst respecting others of course.

You love working in a lean start-up environment because you like owning what you work on and doing a bit of everything.

You’re proactive and are always thinking ‘“how can this be better?”.

  • Bachelor's Degree in any engineering/mathematics-related discipline
  • Proficiency in Python3
  • Knowledge of AWS Cloud Infrastructure and AWS products like lambdas, batch-jobs, step functions etc.
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Familiarity with 3D Visualisation Software like MeshLab, Cloud Compare
  • Familiarity with technologies like React, JavaScript, Node JS
  • Continuous Integration tools like CircleCI
  • Version Control Systems like Git