Software Engineer #LONDR002

Job description

About us

Pupil is a leading spatial technology company. We capture and publish 3D information about real-world interiors on an industrial scale. Our technology is raising the standards of practice around the globe and is set to revolutionise industries by digitising the world’s interiors at an unprecedented level of accuracy. Pupil is made up of engineers, designers, and dreamers from around the globe. We believe that the breath-taking new digital worlds we capture and products we create will radically transform the human experience.

You’ll be joining a demanding, ambitious technology company at an early stage, so we’ll expect you to take ownership and feel responsibility for a broad range of activities that will help us succeed.

Role Context

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join us on our mission to build the most accurate and robust 3D reconstruction and scene understanding system for the built environment. We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our team and work on the Data Engineering Pipeline of one of the world's largest and continuously growing 3D Point Cloud Datasets. We scan real estate using Lidar Scanners and have a very large volume of 3D Point Cloud and Imagery data coming into our systems daily.

The ideal candidate is the one who can work with large scale data, knows Python development, understands AWS cloud infrastructure, and implements new features for Pupil’s large-scale Data Pipeline.

Job requirements

The Role

  • Develop/Optimise the existing Data Processing Pipeline/AWS Step Functions

  • Productionise Research Code and ML models on the Cloud using AWS Serverless
    Components like Batch Jobs or Lambda Functions

  • Implementing GraphQL APIs to query MongoDB or similar databases

Key Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree in any engineering/mathematics related discipline

  • Proficiency in Python3

  • Passionate for writing clean and maintainable code

  • Experience with test driven development

  • Knowledge of AWS Cloud Infrastructure and AWS products like lambdas, batch-jobs, step functions etc.

  • Excellent communication skills

Desirable Skills

  • Familiarity with 3D Visualisation Software like Meshlab, Cloud Compare

  • Familiarity with technologies like React, Javascript, Node JS

  • Continuous Integration tools like CircleCI

  • Version Control Systems like Git